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What Are the Uses of QR Codes for Websites?

A QR code on your website helps you get more out of your digital marketing.

You may question the utility of having a QR code on a website. You're tempted to ask, “If they are already online, why have a QR code? Why not simply have a link?” The answer lies in the QR code’s ability to add value to your online content in the easiest way possible.

Having a QR code on your website doesn’t work for everyone. In fact, putting QR codes on all of your landing pages could end up being redundant. But knowing how and when to use it for the appropriate type of content can really provide your online visitors a convenient way to stay connected with your brand.

5 ways to use QR codes on websites.

  1. For long-form web content. Depending on the kind of content you host on your website, it may be more or less likely that people will want to thoroughly read articles and pages from it. If it’s a lengthy article or case study that takes more than a few minutes to read, having a QR code on the web page allows whoever is viewing it to “scan now and read later”. Visitors could simply scan the QR code and keep reading on their mobile device while on the go.
  2. Add a security layer for website logins. There are now many services available that allow you to integrate QR codes as part of a two-step authentication process between a computer and mobile device. For instance, messaging service WhatsApp makes transitioning from smartphone to desktop through the use of QR code verification. WhatsApp makes their users scan the QR code to seamlessly continue messaging their contacts without losing the conversation thread.
  3. Create an easier link to mobile apps. When people visit your website to find out more about your mobile app, they will still need to search for it on their smartphones in order to download it. To avoid the risk of users misspelling your app name or downloading the incorrect app, it would be easier to have the QR code on your website to directly lead them where they need to be.
  4. Transfer contact details. The easiest way to save contact details from a website directly to any smartphone is through the use of a Profile-type QR code with vCard. Instead of users manually saving contact details by copy/paste, they can simply scan the QR code on the website. This is a convenient way to provide contact information for people interested in reaching out to you.
  5. Share information instantly. A QR code on another digital medium can be a quickfire way to offer information to people if your resources are limited. Let’s say you’re at a tradeshow or event and want to share a temporary local website without the use of printed flyers or posters, you can simply show your QR code on a tablet or computer for people to scan so that they can still view your information wirelessly.

Streamline the online experience using QR codes

At its core, QR codes allow people to save time and effort manually inputting information. While the dominant use of this technology is in the use of advertising, you can apply this essential benefit to many other aspects of your website as well.

You can get more benefit out of QR codes on websites by considering areas of your website that can be time-consuming or difficult to use for your visitors and offering the option of a QR code instead. For instance, you can use to QR code to link people directly with website logins or place a QR code next to your company’s HR recruiter profile so potential employees can directly save the recruiter’s contact details.

Need a QR code for a website?

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