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What Are the Uses of QR Codes for Government?

Implementing QR codes for government purposes is beneficial, especially when it comes to ensuring a smooth and efficient service to the public. Incorporating QR codes into your organization bridges the gap between the government and the public. Learn more about how you can make use of QR code ideas for your organization or local city, state or federal government office.

4 ways to use QR codes for government.

  1. Share public info easily. Provide important information to the public by placing a QR code outside of your office building. You can display your office hours and contact details such as phone number, email, or even a link to schedule an appointment. This way, people would always have the information at hand even when it’s outside of operational hours.
  2.  Digitize your networking opportunities. Government employees are always networking and setting up meetings. Make it easy for everyone to retain your contact details by adding a Profile-type QR code on your business cards. A quick scan will let people save your phone number, email address, LinkedIn page and more. If you run out of physical business cards, you can simply show the QR code and they will still be able to save your information.
  3.  Collect feedback via email. When collecting feedback and suggestions on a particular government policy or issue, include a QR code on your forms linking to your survey online so that people can take the survey on their own time and submit it to a designated email address. If you need to add or remove anything on your questionnaire, you can easily edit the online form any time without having to reprint a new QR code. Providing a digital option might just increase your results as it’s easier than writing it manually.
  4. Help people be more prepared. To avoid people showing up to meetings unprepared, include a QR code on appointment cards or signs at the welcome desk linking to a PDF with more information. A simple document like this could help people be more aware of the necessary documentation they would need to bring in for their appointment. If the information on the PDF changes, you can always upload a new document any time without having to create a different QR code.

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