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What Are the Uses of QR Codes for Educational Institutions?

Implementing QR codes in your school or educational institution is beneficial, especially when it comes to engaging more with students.

Incorporating QR codes into teaching and learning transforms an otherwise dull classroom into a dynamic, more responsive environment. QR codes make it easier for your students to access a library of information that supplements their standard curriculum and foster collaborative interaction.

4 ways to use QR codes for educational purposes.

  1. A QR code on your office door sign can help your students get to know you even before your first class or seminar. With a single scan, students can learn about your focus areas, how you like to structure your classes and lectures, and how to reach you when you are out of office. An introductory video will make it easier for students to decide on the teacher or lecturer to sign up for in the upcoming school year or semester.
  2. Wouldn’t you like to know how you’re doing in class so you can improve? By providing a QR code that links to a survey, you bridge the gap between you and your students so they can leave their feedback easily.
  3. Make it easy for your students to access all the important information of upcoming events by adding an QR code on flyers, banners or posters. QR codes are a convenient way to provide all the details with a single scan. You can easily customize the QR code and include the date, time, address, a contact person, or description of your upcoming field trip while students have the option to save the event on their smartphone calendar and look up details any time.
  4. Simplify the way you network with other teachers or students by adding a Profile-type QR code to your name tag. Whenever somebody scans your QR code at an event, they can immediately save your contact details to their address book on their smartphone without the need to actually type your name or number. This way, students, parents and other faculty members can easily connect with you.


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