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What is SQRC?

What is SQRC?

SQRC (Secret-function-equipped QR code) is the worlds only ISO/IEC18004 compliant 2D barcode that can securely trigger a public and private action. SQRC codes while looking no different than a standard QR code, can contain public data and encrypted private data, providing a foundation for secure authentication and authorization to access confidential information. SQRC keeps the error correction capability of codes intact and undisturbed, ensuring greater readability when a code is damaged or obstructed. DENSO, part of the Toyota Group, is the inventor of the QR Code® and SQRC®.  SQRC® is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INC.

SQRC conceals and protects private information.

SQRC Conceals Private Information

  • Can be scanned and ‘read’ by an ordinary QR code reader/scanner  - but only public information is readable
  • The fact that private information exists is not obvious; cannot be detected by a QR code reader/scanner

SQRC Protects Private Information

  • SQRC® Encoding: Can only be read by an authorized SQRC® capable scanner, making it possible to encode and manage confidential information.  
  • Secret Key Encryption: Can only be read by scanners that have the secret key used for encryption

SQRC are readable when other codes might not be.

  • Error correction allows reading of a code even if it is dirty or damaged. With SQRC®, full error correction stays intact.
  • Some of the other ‘secure’ code methods involve using the error correction area to conceal ‘secret’ information; this means the error correction area is intentionally corrupted, which is an equivalent to a damaged code. If such code is then further obstructed in some way, whether by dirt, damage, or some other obstruction, the code might not be readable. SQRC®, on the other hand, retains the full error correction capability; thus, an SQRC® of the same size as a QR code® using such alternative method will provide higher readability when obstructed.
  • Further, in such other solutions, the private data may not have the same error correction rate as the PUBLIC data, or not have the error correction capability at all.

SQRC visual encoding is virtually impossible to crack.

The QR code® specification is a public standard; this means there is a publicly known algorithm that produces a set of error correction information for each given set of data. When such error correction information is intentionally damaged by introducing a ‘noise’, it is always possible to determine the difference, that is to exactly find out what the introduced ‘noise’ is. Given time, today’s computer processing power, code breaking algorithms and sufficient number of samples, such noise can be analyzed, determining if it actually carries ‘secret’ information. Such analysis can eventually lead to breaking of the encryption used and thus reading, replication or counterfeiting of such ‘secret’ information. SQRC® technology, on the other hand, leaves the error correction intact; it is thus not possible to determine the difference based on the publicly known standard. It is actually not possible to determine with certainty that the QR code® is actually an SQRC®.

SQRC are more secure, using secure key encryption.

SQRC® secret information is further protected by a Secret Key encryption, where only the SQRC-capable scanners or App SDKs that also possess various levels of decoding authorization to access the Secret Key used for a particular SQRC® encryption can actually read and decrypt the private information contained in that particular SQRC®. Unauthorized applications can not read or detect the fact that private information is included, preventing data analysis and application of encryption breaking techniques to break the code and read the information.

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