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What is a URL Shortener?

What is a URL Shortener?

A URL shortener is an online tool that converts your long links into shorter ones. Shortened links are clean, easy to share and memorize.

A URL Shortener is an online application that converts a regular URL (a web address) into a condensed format. The user only has to copy the full URL of a website and paste it into a URL shortening tool to come up with an abbreviated version. A URL Shortener allows users to shorten very long links into shorter ones that are better suited for e-mailing, instant messaging, QR code or NFC Tag encoding and for services that restrict character counts.  Other uses of URL shortening are to "beautify" a link and track clicks.

Often regular unshortened links may be aesthetically unpleasing. Many web developers pass descriptive attributes in the URL to represent data hierarchies, command structures, transaction paths or session information. Marketing departments and their ad agencies add campaign parameters. This can result in URLs that are hundreds of characters long and that contain complex character patterns. Such URLs are difficult to memorize, type-out or distribute. As a result, long URLs must be copied-and-pasted for reliability. Thus, short URLs may be more convenient for websites or hard copy publications (e.g. a printed magazine or a book), the latter often requiring that very long strings be broken into multiple lines (as is the case with some e-mail software or internet forums) or truncated.

On Twitter and some instant-messaging services, there is a limit to the number of characters a message can carry. Using a URL shortener can allow linking to web pages which would otherwise violate this constraint. Delivr generates Short URLs that are friendly and human-readable.

URLs encoded in two-dimensional barcodes such as QR code are shortened by Delivr's URL shortener in order to reduce the printed area of the code and allow printing at lower density (less complexity) in order to improve scanning reliability.

Delivr provides detailed information on the clicks a link receives, which can be simpler than setting up an equally powerful server-side analytics engine.

Delivr can host your own branded short domain. Your domain replaces the “” in your links.

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