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Do you have educational pricing?

Do you have educational pricing?

Yes, educational pricing is available.

Just getting started.

First, Delivr FREE is available for personal, non-profit, or educational usen for 90 days or 1000 total views per campaign, whichever comes first.

Need something more?

Subscribe to a monthly Delivr PLUS and get upgraded to a monthly Delivr PRIME subscription. This equates to a 50% discount on the standard Delivr PRIME pricing. You can also subscribe to Delivr PLUS 365, a yearly plan, for a 10% savings off the monthly Delivr PLUS subscription cost.

This account upgrade is done manually at our end so you'll need to contact us to make it happen after you've set up and paid for your subscription - outlining your account username, your educational organization, and what your role there is. We'll take it from there.

Bulk educational pricing.

Bulk educational pricing for Delivr PLUS is available on request for primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions that wish to have more than 10 members of their teaching staff sign up for an account.

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