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How do I track an NFC tag?

How do I track an NFC tag?

The 3 Steps of our NFC Tag Tracking Process Explained.

  1. Provision & Distribute

    • Create a campaign at Delivr.
    • A Short URL for NFC Tags" is provisioned for use in an NFC Tag. You can obtain the this NFC tracking Short URL" by clicking on the "Short URL Variations" link under the Campaign Short URL on your account dashboard.  You will need to encode this URL in a NFC tag.
    • Include the NFC Tag on your choice of media.  NFC Tags can be distributed via sticker, packaging, signage, retail display, poster, printed insert, or any number of other physical media.
  2. Track & Deliver
    • Consumer sees and taps the NFC Tag using any smartphone capable of reading an NFC Tag.
    • Visit data is sent to Delivr's tracking server.
    • The consumer experiences the immediate launch of your experience URL campaign landing page in their smartphone's mobile Web browser.
  3. Process & Report
    • Delivr processes, stores, and reports the results of your NFC Tag campaign in real time.
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