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How to pause or resume a campaign?

How to pause or resume a campaign?

The campaign can be paused or resumed from the Dashboard.

The ‘pause’ button for an active campaign is located next to the ‘archive’ button, second from the right in the group of campaign-action buttons on the Dashboard:


The ‘resume’ button is in the same location, replacing the 'pause' button for a paused campaign:


To pause a campaign:

  1. Click on the ‘pause’ button for the campaign; a confirmation message will pop-up with options to proceed or cancel.
  2. Click on the [OK] button to proceed and pause the campaign.

The campaign will be paused. The line listing the campaign on the Dashboard will be grayed out, and the ‘pause’ button will change to a green-arrow ‘resume’ button. The campaign tracking will be paused, and no views (scans, taps, etc.) will be recorded. When end-users interacts with a paused campaign (scans a code, taps a tag, clicks on a short URL…), they will see a “powered by Delivr®” landing page with the message “This campaign has been paused.

To resume a campaign:

  1. Click on the green-arrow ‘resume’ button for the paused campaign; a confirmation will pop-up with an option to proceed or cancel. 
  2. Click on the [OK] button to proceed and resume the campaign.

The line showing the campaign will show in normal colors; the tracking will resume, and the end-users will see a usual destination associated with the campaign upon interaction (scan of a QR Code, tap of an NFC Tag, click of a Short URL, etc.)

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