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How do I distribute and track all versions of my app with a single, universal URL?

How do I distribute and track all versions of my app with a single, universal URL?

App Download Tracking


Delivr allows developers, game companies and app publishers to track and analyze the cross-platform delivery of Apps using a single, universal URL.

Now available for Apple iTunes, Google Play, Windows Phone, Blackberry World and others.

The 3 Steps of our App Download Tracking Process Explained.
  1. Provision & Distribute

    • You create a Short URL at Delivr using a default URL then add one or more platform/OS-specific Application URLs for your various app store-specific URLs.
    • Your Campaign Short URL or QR Code can be distributed via social media, online ads, signage, retail display, poster, print or any number of other printed media.
  2. Track & Deliver
    • The user sees and interacts with your compaign.
    • User visits are sent to Delivr's tracking and content delivery server(s).
    • Delivr automatically detects the device OS and re-directs the user to the appropriate platform/OS-specific application URLs e.g., the download for the correct version of your app based on their device.
    • User experiences the immediate download of your app to their smartphone.
  3. Process & Report
    • Delivr processes and reports on the results of the campaign in real-time.

At this time Delivr supports the following device groups:

  • iPhone/iPod Touch URL: Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch running iOS
  • iPad/iPad Mini URL: Apple’s iPad and iPad Mini running iOS
  • Android URL: Android OS devices
  • BlackBerry URL: BlackBerry OS devices
  • Symbian URL: Symbian OS devices
  • Windows Phone URL: Windows Phone OS devices
  • Nokia URL: Nokia devices that do not run on Symbian OS or Windows Phone OS
  • Opera Mini URL: Devices using Opera Mini browser when Opera Mini does not provide further information on the device
  • Desktop Device URL: Desktop Devices, a group capturing all non-mobile devices
  • Soon - Amazon Kindle

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